News & Updates

New box seats for VfB Stuttgart
For the new season, visitors to the VfB Stuttgart boxes can look forward to the new comfortable VIP seats in the club design.
A home for everyone!
The Sparkassen Business-Treff shows on more than 400m² what the city of Münster is all about. A visit is worthwhile in any case.
Multifunctional mixed zone for the Preußenstadion
The mixed zone is not only the area where the press representatives receive the athletes after the games, but also the area leading to their dressing room.
The combination of multifunctionality and professionalization
Multifunctionality is the keyword when it comes to the functional rooms at Preußen Münster. The premises are very limited, so multiple use offers many options.
2022 or 1974, old town or stadium, box or pub?
Absolute pub romance can be found in the loge of the company Bode. The unique location was visualized, planned and implemented by goracon within a very short time.
New Clubhouse for Hasbergen
After a short construction phase, the new clubhouse of the Spvg. Gaste Hasbergen was inaugurated in a small circle at the weekend and it can be seen.