Innovative chair guiding system

Chair guide rails for every purpose

Chair guiding system are the ideal solution for bringing functionality, safety and order to a room with seating, while improving seating comfort. With the help of special invisible rail systems in the floor, chairs can be moved exclusively within the chair guide rails and ensure optimal use of space, creation of safety paths and a tidy overall appearance with automatic movement to the starting position. Individual adjustment options of the movable seats allow maximum ergonomics despite fixation. Whether for public, commercially used or private rooms - with the patented rail system GSF and GSF sideway, goracon offers the right chair guide for any room of any size. We will be happy to advise you and together find the optimal solution for your premises.

GSF - The chair guiding system by goracon

The GSF chair guiding system is a system for underfloor installation. This system offers the optimal solution when chairs are to be firmly connected to the floor but still retain the character, ergonomic seating properties and flexibility of a single chair. To achieve this, goracon uses high-quality materials and workmanship. The GSF system is made of extruded aluminum profile in EN AW 6082 T6 material and anodized in E6EV1 color for corrosion protection. Coating in RAL colors is possible on customer's request. The chair guide is tested in accordance with DIN EN 1335-1 Annex C 7.3.5 Continuous functional capability of the chair base (here chair guide) 36 000 cycles with 110 kg.

How the GSF chair guiding system from Goracon works

The GSF chair slides consist of a housing in which ball-bearing slides travel on a high-strength linear unit. The travel paths of the GSF can be ergonomically adjusted to suit the individual table, chair and other conditions.

A separate, beautifully designed chair leg holder is mounted on the carriage above the inspection cover. The inspection cover has 2 minimal openings, parallel to each other, which prevent the penetration of foreign bodies and shoe heels.

The conical opening of the chair leg receptacles is used to accommodate the multifunction gas spring/rotating column of the chair. The height of the column is adjusted depending on the chair system, armrests and table/counter. The slides are driven by expanders that can be adjusted depending on the chair weight and other factors in order to achieve an optimal travel speed of the chair.

The multi-functional column or the rotary column always turns the seat back to its original position, so that the chair direction and seat height are always in their original position relative to the table.

The travel distance is variable and depends on various factors such as the space available, the distance between the tables and the application. The optimum travel path is adapted to the conditions on site together with the customer. Our experienced engineers will be happy to work out a customized solution for you.

The multifunctional column or the swivel column always returns the seat to its original position, so that the chair direction and seat height are always in the original position in relation to the table. The chair is mounted with a multifunctional column or a swivel column on the chair leg holder. A cone opening is provided on the chair leg holder for this purpose. The sturdy aluminium housing is closed with a cover plate that is flush with the base. The cover plate has 2 minimal, parallel openings that prevent foreign bodies and shoe heels from entering.

The travel distance is variable and depends on various factors such as space, table distance or application. The optimum travel path is adapted to the conditions on site together with the customer. Our experienced engineers will be happy to work out a customised solution for you.

Assembly of the chair guiding system GSF

The chair guiding system GSF is mounted on a solid substrate, such as goracon podium system floor, steel construction, concrete or wooden floor. The interface is to be coordinated and detailed in cooperation with the floor construction / table / chair trade. Basically, a mounting plate is used to which the enclosure is attached with screws. The base is then attached to the GSF chair guiding system and closed with an individually designed cover plate. The sturdy aluminium housing closes flush with the finished floor.

Of course, we offer complete planning and assembly of our chair runners for your projects. Everything is prefabricated at the factory , from the platform, grandstand and floor structures to the seating , you get it all from one source at goracon interior design.

Rooms are often used for third-party events where the GSF is temporarily dismantled. Thanks to our patented system, the chair including the chair leg holder can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds with the loosening of one screw.

Advantages of the chair guide at a glance

  • Tidy and aesthetic room appearance due to chairs that slide back independently
  • High seating comfort & ergonomics of the chairs
  • No noise generation
  • No mechanical stress
  • Low maintenance & included maintenance service
  • Flexibility and accessibility by removing the chair and inserting the blind cover
  • Compatibility with seats from all major chair manufacturers for maximum comfort
  • Easy floor cleaning without obstructions
  • Simple disassembly
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to minimal opening in the cover plate
  • Increased building safety due to unobstructed escape routes
  • Possibility of installing LED lighting in the floor covering
  • Suitable for retrofitting and refurbishment thanks to simple construction and retrofitting option
  • No jamming thanks to a stable chair guide rail
  • Quick disassembly/assembly for third party events

Safety without compromise

By automatically returning the system to its resting position, the chair guiding system from goracon offers an important safety aspect in the event of a fire and any evacuation that may be necessary. The chairs move back to their original position when exiting, so that an escape route is created and the chairs do not represent an obstacle. The unique selling point of the chair guiding system GSF is the minimal openings of 8 mm width in the cover plate. This not only visually enhances the chair guide, but also prevents foreign objects from entering at the same time. The risk of accidents, e.g. with narrow shoe heels, is minimised. In addition to preventing accidents and injuries, the GSF chair guiding system guarantees protection of the floor covering. Scratches in stone and wooden floors as well as swelling of parquet and natural floors are excluded.

Individual design of your chair guiding system

In order to integrate our chair guiding system optimally into your room, we can individualize the access panel for you with various design options. Depending on the design, there is the possibility to use a beautifully designed access panel in stainless steel or in color shades according to RAL card or to cover the access panel with the floor covering, such as parquet, vinyl, carpet or veneer.

Furthermore, the access panel can be designed with your own logo as laser engraving and/or LED. In addition, you can freely choose the chair element or seat shell. Here you can choose from a wide range of chair models from well-known manufacturers.

Flexibility without compromise

Magnetic inspection covers and a chair leg holder with a dismantling opening allow chairs to be dismantled in no time at all with a hammer and wedge principle. Very simple and well thought out! When changing the seating arrangement or using a multifunctional room for other purposes, it is possible to dismantle chairs in a few easy steps and equip the enclosure with a closed blind cover. In this way, barrier-free seating can be created that allows a wheelchair to approach the row of tables.


The design and ergonomics of the chairs are taken into account in this analysis, in order to be able to guarantee optimum sitting comfort for you as a result. The GSF chair guiding system is tested according to DIN EN 1335-1 Annex C 7.3.5 and thus meets the requirements for office and work chairs.

LED lighting systems

The chair guiding system from goracon can be equipped with LED lighting that is integrated into the cover plate of the chair guide rail. The lighting is 100% customisable and allows a free choice of shape and colour of the lighting. For example, you can use the lighting as ambience or image lighting with your own logo or as a signpost for darkened rooms such as cinemas, theatres and planetariums. Alternatively or as a supplement, goracon offers you the option of integrating an illuminated escape route guidance into your chair guiding system, which safely shows the way in the dark and ensures safe exit from the premises in an emergency by indicating the correct escape route.

Versions of the GSF chair guide from goracon

The high-quality and unique technology, made in Germany, is used in various areas. The GSF chair guiding system provides a new seating experience in parliaments, plenary halls and council chambers as well as in training and conference rooms . In lecture halls & congress halls, the chair guiding system creates a modern, productive or eventful and relaxed atmosphere. The GSF arena and GSF sideway variants are suitable for outdoor projects and for rooms where space-saving seating options need to be created.

GSF arena means function

GSF arena is the outdoor version of the chair guiding system and is used in sports facilities & arenas. But GSF arena is also the optimal system for many other areas when it comes to combining safety, comfort and functionality. Our innovative inclusive wheelchair seats combine both functions and give you the universal opportunity to market seats in the stadium economically.

GSF sideway - relaxed sitting in confined spaces

With the GSF sideway chair guide rail, you have the option of absolutely relaxed sitting at any height and with any type of seating in the tightest of spaces and with any body size. Both straight tracks and other geometries can be represented, so that this system can also find its place of use at every bar and counter. A quick exchange of the seating is possible at any time, so that you can redesign your space for another application in no time at all. This means you are flexible in both use and application and perfectly equipped for every situation.

Get advice now on chair guiding systems from goracon!

You would also like to ensure a tidy room appearance in your premises, but not forego comfort and safety? The advantages for your projects are of course obvious. We will be happy to advise you individually on chair guiding systems in your room.