Seating systems & solutions

Functional & comfortable seating

Choosing the right seating plays a key role in any type of space. From freestanding seating such as stools, chairs, and armchairs to seats for our innovative chair guiding system, goracon offers you a diverse selection of seating systems for your space. Functionality is always combined with comfort and design, thus ensuring not only a harmonious overall appearance of your space, but also a pleasant seating experience for your visitors. With the seating systems from goracon object, you can rely on individual seating that is completely tailored to your ideas. We bring years of experience and expertise in seating systems of various types and will be happy to advise you in detail on the optimal solution for your space.

Individual seating system for your room

Based on the size of your venue, the targeted capacity, the type of events taking place there and technical requirements, we develop a personal concept for the right form of seating. With the right orientation of the chairs and additional equipment, goracon enables the participants of your events to enjoy a comfortable seating experience with good acoustics and a view of the stage, the playing field or used presentation areas. At the same time, with the right system behind it, we offer maximum functionality and practicality. We adapt the seating individually to your floor construction and plan you in the object construction from the beginning.

Seating by goracon

With grandstand seating in auditoriums & congress halls and in sports venues & arenas as well as seating for functional spaces such as parliaments, plenary halls & council chambers or training & meeting rooms, we offer our customers different systems. Our patented chair guiding system provide order and uniformity while free-standing alternatives such as chairs on turnstiles, retractable or stackable chairs, bring maximum flexibility and space savings. We will be happy to advise you on our systems, taking into account spatial conditions, fire safety aspects, proper ventilation, visibility and acoustics at all times.

Comfort - The right chairs for your audience

Whether fixed, folding or movable - with the choice of chair or seat you determine the comfort and look of your seating. You can choose from a wide range of seating types from well-known manufacturers. Alternatively, we will be happy to have your individual chair made for you on request.

The right arrangement for every event

With the help of suitable seating, the available space in your room can be used ideally and either facilitate interactions between the participants of an event or promote distraction-free watching or listening. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right chair system.

Flexibility through conversion

Functional rooms must have a certain degree of flexibility. With the type of seating system you define the flexibility at the same time. For example, you can use folding solutions in confined spaces such as grandstands or movie theaters to provide sufficient seating and, at the same time, passageways. Loose and rail-mounted chairs and stools, on the other hand, can still be flexibly adapted at a later date. With easy disassembly and assembly of the seating, you can set up or take down chairs as needed to provide more seating or more space.

Are you looking for the right seating?

We will be happy to help you select the right seating system specifically for your space and take care of custom fabrication and installation.