Bodes Adlerhorst


Bode's Eagle's Nest - 2022 or 1974, old town or stadium, box or pub after all?

Absolute pub romance can be found in the loge of the company Bode. The unique location was visualized, planned and implemented by goracon within a very short time.

We enter the room through a heavy curtain, the floor reminds us of grandma's laundry room, the nut machine on the counter brings back childhood memories and the pennants and tickets on the wall have something of a clubhouse.

Where are we? This question is often asked. At first glance, it is not quite clear which year we are in and where we are. Christian Bode, Managing Director of Bode Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz (Bode Planning Company for Energy Efficiency) has invited us to the Preußenstadion in Münster.

"We have already equipped ourselves for the future with our box" Or perhaps for the past? Looking at the showcases, the furniture and also the counter, one is actually sure that we are rather in the World Cup year 1974 than in 2022. "That's exactly what it's all about," says Bode, "reminiscing and discussing the future in a cozy atmosphere here."

Together with goracon was created a mixture of 70s pub and a museum. Everything is individually made and designed with great attention to detail. The radio from the 70s works as well as the old slot machine on the clinker wall. "Our guests are thrilled, they expect an ordinary lodge and are surprised." Christian Bode tells us proudly.

Peter Niemeyer, who as a former Bundesliga professional from Werder Bremen, Hertha BSC and Darmstadt 98 has been around a lot in soccer, describes it very similarly: "I have seen many stadiums and boxes, but what Christian Bode has created here together with goracon is sensational."

goracon designed, drew and assembled the aforementioned services

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