Preussen Muenster Mixed Zone


Everything from one source

Everything from a single source was also the motto for the conversion of the mixed zone in the Preußenstadion. After the design phase and technical planning, the complete reconstruction of the mixed zone was completed in a very short time. Today, press representatives, junior teams and professionals alike are delighted with the new facilities.

The goal was clear: to turn the dreary mixed zone into a space where athletes can feel comfortable and play sports. The mixed zone is not only the area where the press representatives receive the athletes after the games, but also the area leading to their dressing room, in Münster both on match days and on training days. The club has formulated that on match days a different look should get the players in the mood for the game, this task was created by modern, controllable lighting. On match days, this shines indirectly in the green club color, while during the week the dimmable light is used during athletics sessions.


Apart from the lighting, the most striking change is the floor. A running track connects the long cubicle aisles; from now on, performance diagnostics can take place here under consistent conditions. The large area where interviews take place on game day shines in a grass-green color with white lines and is used for soccer tennis on training days. Mirrors on the walls provide the opportunity for athletes to check and correct themselves during training sessions. The visual highlight is the eagle that greets the players before they go out onto the field.