Preußen Münster Sparkassen Treff completion


VIP area Preußen Münster- Reconstruction Sparkassen Business Treff - A home for all!

Conversion from a single source was the motto for the Sparkassen Business-Treff project. After the design phase and technical planning, the complete conversion was carried out by goracon.

There are two large areas in the Preußenstadion where VIP guests are located on match days. The Adler Club, also converted by goracon, shines in the club design. The Sparkassen Business-Treff shows on more than 400m² what the city of Münster is all about. The floor is in the classic cobblestone look of the cathedral square, the walls are decorated with all kinds of Münster landmarks, the lounge corner is based on the harbor and the bar shows the silhouette of the Prinzipalmarkt. You can hardly get more Münster than that.

Since this room is also used especially for third-party events, the focus is on versatile use. All furniture can be stacked and quickly stowed away, the room dividers and the buffet furniture are on castors and thus maximally flexible.

The numerous screens ensure the best visibility from all seats and a modern character, for lectures of course a large screen can be used.

"The Sparkassen-Business Treff is another highlight in our hospitality areas. The multifunctional use helps us especially outside the match days for third-party events."

- CEO Albrecht Dörries