Parliament of Lower Saxony - Plenary Hall

The project in brief.

Plenary Hall Lower Saxony State Parliament Hanover
Hannover, Deutschland
02/2017 – 11/2017
Construction task:

From planning to production and assembly.

Leading politicians debate in the Lower Saxony plenary hall, which was largely refurbished by Goracon. Goracon performed the following services as a general contractor: rising cavity floor, chair guiding system, flooring work (parquet/carpet) and table systems or special furniture. The on-site installation work was preceded by detailed project planning.

Due to the complexity of the services, a lot of time had to be invested in advance by the planners and engineers in order to coordinate the various technical requirements in detail. In addition to the high static requirements for the rising floor construction PODIUM, the special revisability of the floor and the connection of the ventilation system from the floor via the table construction was also an enormous challenge. The goal was to create a cavity floor that, due to its technical features, would allow a changed seat distribution and seating arrangement to be formed in a short time, even if the government composition changed. This requirement was met by the two-layer cavity floor and by the integration of special radial guide rails in the floor, which allow the table and chair elements to be moved.

High quality interior design.

The innovative GSF chair guiding system from goracon was also integrated into the PODIUM floor construction. The chair guiding system are a housing in which ball-bearing slides move on high-strength linear units. These rails, in combination with your multifunctional column, enable an individual and ergonomic seating experience as well as an independent return of the seating to its original position when the user stands up. This creates an aesthetic and tidy overall appearance when leaving the plenary hall, and the resulting free escape routes also ensure that safety requirements are met.

In addition to the special floor construction and the innovative chair guiding system, the plenary hall was equipped with a high-quality carpet and parquet flooring as well as handcrafted modular table constructions thanks to the cooperation with high-performance partners.

The coordination of the individual trades as well as the integration into the respective construction phases was a demanding and complex task in this project and demanded our flexibility again and again. In addition to a flawless performance in terms of craftsmanship, it was our claim to also enable a customer-oriented execution of the measure. We were able to meet this requirement thanks to our expert staff, a high degree of commitment and flexibility on the part of those responsible for the project, and our high-performance partners.

We now wish the members of the state parliament every success and constructive debates in the new premises.

"We have come to know the company goracon as an ideal partner for the cross-trade implementation of the plenary hall furnishings.
Planning and execution of cavity flooring with floor coverings, rail system for seating and customized, modularly relocatable tables: always professional, on schedule, flexible and particularly customer-oriented."

- Architect blocher partners for the state parliament Hanover