At the end of 2016, our project began in the new plenary hall of the Lower Saxony state parliament in Hanover.

After the technical planning, as well as the static calculations and production, our assembly work started on the bare concrete floor of the plenary hall.

As general contractor, the G-object team from Steinfurt created the trades revisionable system cavity floor, chair guides GSF, tables, floor coverings as a turnkey service.

The client was the Hanover State Construction Management. All trades were executed by our team on schedule until the formal acceptance in November 2017.
We would like to express our special thanks to our G-object team, our subcontractor partners, the client and his representatives, as well as the architectural firm Blocher Partners for the smooth and pleasant cooperation!
We wish the members of the state parliament good luck and constructive debates in the new space.

Photos: blocher partners / Joachim Grothus