SV Windhagen - LED scoreboard

The project in brief.

SV Windhagen
Construction task:
Planning, delivery and assembly

The guests from SV Windhagen will find a touch of the Bundesliga in the stadium on Reinhard-Wirtgen-Strasse. Everyone who enters the sports facility immediately sees the brightly lit LED scoreboard, which has been in operation since September 2022.

SV Windhagen is the first club in the Neuwied district to have this modern equipment. In the future, the digital infrastructure will enable the club to not only display scores and playing time during matches, but also to present team exhibitions, goals, videos, etc. on the 4×2m surface, just like the professionals.

In addition, the LED scoreboard also offers great opportunities to display the sponsors of SV Windhagen. They can play moving advertisements and place current offers and job ads.

The project was planned and implemented in constant coordination with SV Windhagen. goracon helped with the communication with the municipality and coordinated all trades.