VIP box Bodes Adlerhorst of Sc Preußen Münster

The project in brief.

Bode Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz m.b.H.
Muenster, Germany
Construction task:
Conversion in existing buildings

Absolute pub romance can be found in the loge of the company Bode. The unique location was visualized, planned and implemented by goracon within a very short time. The room is entered through a heavy curtain, the floor is reminiscent of grandma's laundry room, the nut machine on the counter brings back childhood memories and the pennants and tickets on the wall have something of a clubhouse. Where are we? This question arises. What year we are in and what place we are in is not entirely clear at first glance. Christian Bode, Managing Director of Bode Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz (Bode Planning Company for Energy Efficiency) had a special idea for his box in the Preußenstadion.

Looking at the showcases, the furniture and also the counter, one is actually sure that we are in the World Cup year 1974 rather than 2022. That's exactly what is intended, here you are supposed to reminisce and discuss the future in a cozy atmosphere.

A mixture of 70s pub and a museum has been created. Old bar, wall paneling, rustic tables and seating, everything is individually made and designed with great attention to detail. The radio from the 70s works as well as the old slot machine on the clinker wall.

goracon designed, drew and installed the above services

Our guests are thrilled, they expect an ordinary box and are surprised. The result is great, the cooperation was excellent.

- Christian Bode, Managing Partner of Bode Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz m.b.H.