Parliament Vienna - National Council Chamber

The project in brief.

Republic of Austria - Parliamentary Administration
10/2019 – 07/2022
Construction task:

In a period of about 5 years, the parliament building in Vienna was fundamentally renovated and reconstructed. The centerpiece of the renovated parliament building is certainly the National Council Chamber with its architectural innovation: a glass dome through which daylight enters the chamber for the first time.Goracon was able to contribute significantly to the renovation of the National Council Chamber. In the initial stage, almost 3 years ago, detailed planning was necessary, as the rising podium construction in this project extended over three floors (plenum, press balcony and visitors' gallery). This required optimal interface coordination with the adjacent trades. Thus, the circular basic geometry of the floor construction was rearranged to ensure, among other things, accessibility.

The different heights of the structure and the decking, which was perforated in part due to acoustic requirements, also presented a particular complexity and challenge. The assembly phase was successfully mastered despite aggravated conditions as a result of Corona, so that now that the remaining work has been completed, we are proud to have made our contribution to the success of the project.

The modernization in line with the requirements of historic preservation was successfully implemented so that regular operations in the parliament building could restart at the beginning of 2023.

The cooperation with Goracon was very good. From the consulting to the planning to the execution phase, we had a competent partner at our side. Both the communication and the interface coordination with the other trades were always correct and solution-oriented. Even despite the relatively long execution period, goracon was present at all times and always very close to the project, so that now, after completion of the measure, we have a product with the stepped floor construction podium that meets all technical specifications.

- Verena Schulter (Project Manager, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.)