FC Schalke 04 - Video Analysis & Training Room

The project in brief.

FC Schalke 04 e.V.
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Construction task:
Conversion video analysis room

Innovation & Comfort

For the innovative video analysis room of FC Schalke 04, goracon was allowed to play an important role and planned and implemented it in large parts. The "cinema" offers space for 36 people. In addition to the complete substructure in the system floor PODIUM, we equipped the room with our chair guiding system GSF.

The coaching team had the wish for an innovative and comfortable video analysis room for match preparation and training follow-up. goracon was able to fulfill this wish for the Königsblauen. Within a few days, the room was redesigned, modernized and completed. The highlight are the seats for the professionals, which can be moved variably thanks to the chair guiding system and provide a seating comfort suitable for the Bundesliga. This allows the players to move silently during the analysis and to assume their perfect sitting position.