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News from goracon High Access – WindEnergy 2022

WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Trade fair ... a word that we have unfortunately heard far too rarely over the past few years. In addition, the lack of personal contact with our customers and those who still want to be.

Therefore, we at goracon are all the more happy that our booth from 27.09.2022 to 30.09.2022 at WindEnergy in Hamburg was thoroughly well attended. We were finally able to shake hands with our long-standing customers and sales partners in person again, have a face-to-face conversation and talk about future projects.

In addition, many new contacts and interested parties were able to experience a qualified insight into the Goracon world through our expert staff.

Experiencing what we stand for at goracon, what we are burning for and where we can offer our solutions. Here we are grateful to our visitors for keeping us on our toes over and over again. Be it by specifically following up on information, asking for specific technical details, or simply talking about the various applications. Thank you for being so interested.