Werner Hansch farewell game


goracon & teamseat.de support charity event around farewell game of cult commentator Werner Hansch

A farewell for Werner Hansch

He is the voice of the Ruhr region, because hardly any other soccer presenter stands for the region as much as presenter legend Werner Hansch. On June 6, 2022, Werner Hansch was given a fitting send-off as part of a soccer fun event in aid of the Summerfield Kids Foundation / Promis kicken für Kids. At the event, teams of legends met celebrity teams known from TV, social media and music. In addition to many familiar faces, guests of honor such as Uli Hoeneß, Clemens Tönnies and Reiner Calmund paid their respects to Werner Hansch and attended his farewell match, which was organized by Malle star Ikke Hüftgold (Matthias Distel).

Goracon, teamseat.de and eureanzeigetafel.de were present at the event in the time-honored stadium "Glückauf-Kampfbahn" in the heart of Gelsenkirchen and supported the event as sponsors and even gave the youth teams two teamseats as a small gift afterwards.