Professional interior design at the highest level convinces the client

With the market-renowned professionalism of goracon, one of the most prestigious construction projects of 2019 was successfully completed for Schwarz Immobilienmanagement GmbH & Co. KG in Germany was successfully completed.

Precise as clockwork, goracon employees handled the assembly at the educational campus in Heilbronn after preliminary work by the engineers and technicians from their own ranks.

Under the professional guidance and coordination of the goracon project management with the on-site construction management, the usual site procedures with all their tasks and complexities were mastered to the satisfaction of the client.

Harvard Rooms

As can be seen very clearly in the pictures, the Harvard rooms were equipped with the latest state of the art, the innovative chair guidance system GSF. The high-tech seminar rooms were rounded off by the modern seating ergonomics of the seat shells as well as by electrified work tables in the form of an optimal radial geometry.

This gives students the opportunity to participate in lectures in a concentrated manner in all directions and in the respective desired sitting posture. State-of-the-art blackboard systems and acoustically effective wall and ceiling constructions round off the whole architecturally very appealing overall project on every level.


In the Audimax, ultra-modern table elements equipped with electrification and data connection options were paired with the tried-and-tested folding seating. The seating shells were optimally adapted to the seated persons, so that here, too, a customer wish was fulfilled. Functional blackboard systems and state-of-the-art beamer technology round off the requirements for contemporary learning.

A special heating/cooling ceiling, coordinated with the on-site ventilation systems, ensures an optimal room climate. Acoustically effective ceiling and wall elements with the latest micro-perforation technology on the finest handcrafted veneer surface give the hall the appropriate noble touch.

The parquet flooring supplied by goracon with a lacquered silver fir surface also contributes seamlessly to this.


In the entire atrium, goracon was able to contribute to an optimal climate under the glass dome. The rising floor system PODIUM, which was also used in the Audimax, was specially designed here as a climate floor and can thus adapt optimally to the season. This invites students to sit comfortably and healthily on the stepped structures during their breaks.

All in all, a successful overall project, in the finest craftsmanship, in the interior design high-end quality to which goracon is accustomed.

Made by goracon/Germany