Preussen Münster Mixed Zone pre-report


Functional spaces in the Preußen stadium get a new look.

Functional rooms in the Preussen stadium get a new look

Anyone familiar with the Preußenstadion knows that there is little space for athletes, media representatives and officials. This is exactly where managing director Peter Niemeyer wants to start and optimize these areas.

"The press conference room is quite large, but is only used 1x a week for 30 minutes, the mixed zone is even larger and is even only used every 14 days at home games, Peter Niemeyer tells us.

This is exactly where we will start and redesign both rooms to be multifunctional. During the week, the press conference room will become a video analysis room for professionals and young talent. On match day, the media representatives will then also be able to write their reports from the cinema seats. Of course, the comfort of the press representatives has also been taken into consideration and new workstations have been created. So this room can be used 365 days a year.

The situation is similar in the mixed zone, which has so far only been used on match days and is completely deserted during the week. However, the athletes lack space for professional athletic training. With a new floor, special lighting and numerous accessories, this area will be significantly upgraded and will be able to be put to good use every day. "We are happy to help the club implement these ideas and give everyone involved a better working environment, says goracon CEO Alex Medina.