Planetarium Münster


New floor construction for the LWL Planetarium in Münster.

The LWL Museum of Natural History in Münster is the only natural history museum with a large planetarium in Germany. In the first half of 2022, the planetarium will be closed for construction work. In addition to the renewal of the projection dome and the technical modernization of the projection technology, the arrangement and placement of the visitor seats will be changed and a stage will also be installed.

Here, too, goracon was able to convince with well-founded expertise, technical know-how, a well thought-out concept, innovative and sophisticated products as well as constructive special solutions. The rising floor construction PODIUM can be perfectly integrated into the circular premises of the planetarium according to the wishes and requirements. The safe and sound-acoustically flawless mounting of the new swiveling and rotating seating can also be implemented without any technical problems.

After completion of the work, both operators and users will be delighted with the more modern and more comfortable planetarium, because the installation of an induction loop in the floor construction means that people with hearing disabilities will once again be able to take part in events in the future.