goracon sets the tone


With the rising platform construction, goracon completes the chamber music hall in Kronberg.

With the Casals Forum, Kronberg Academy is building a concert hall with first-class acoustics and equipment as well as an adjoining study and administration center. The conditions are thus being created for an international center of inspiration for musicians of all generations - a center for the promotion of talent for living musical tradition in the heart of Europe.

In the chamber music hall, consisting of concave and convex curved geometries, around 550 spectators will in future be close to the action and acoustically "in the middle of the sound". Due to the "free flow" of the building, very special requirements were placed on the rising platform construction, among other things. With the podium system, goracon was able to meet these requirements in full and thus secure this interesting contract. In addition to the floor construction, the scope of services also includes stage, orchestra and lifting podiums, parquet flooring work as well as demanding locksmith and metal construction work, which goracon is carrying out as a subcontractor for the company K. Westermann GmbH & Co. KG.

Our competent engineering department meets the enormously high and complex demands of this project with detailed 3D planning. In addition, close coordination with all adjacent trades, such as acoustic wall and ceiling cladding, is required on an ongoing basis in order to be able to jointly meet the specified completion deadline.