SC Preußen Münster - Press Conference & Video Analysis Room

The project in brief.

SC Preußen 06 GmbH & Co. KGaA
Muenster, Deutschland
1. Quartal 2021
Construction task:
Planning, construction

Multifunctionality is the keyword when it comes to the functional rooms at Preußen Münster. The space is very limited, so multiple use offers many options.

The old press room was only used every 14 days for the press conference on match day, and between match days the large room was mostly unused. After the renovation, this room is used almost every day. Meetings, analyses, rental to external guests and, of course, the press conferences, everything can now be combined.

The small stand, made with our PODIUM system floor, provides the best view of the screen or even of the trainers, who are seated on the mobile platform. On the elevation are 29 ergonomic cinema chairs, with foldable desk pad and Prussia logo.

Additional seats and the technical equipment ensure that the required conditions of the DFB are met.

For the press representatives, in addition to the technical equipment, thought was also given to the physical well-being, so practical buffet furniture and storage facilities were created.

After the technical planning, the complete substructure was assembled in a very short time. Today, in addition to the press representatives, the junior teams and the professionals of the SCP use the analysis room for training and match preparation.

"This space gives us a whole new set of opportunities and is an important step toward further professionalization."

- Peter Niemeyer Sports Director SC Preußen Münster