Old physics in the ULMICUM, Rostock

The project in brief.

KAEFER Construction Hamburg
08/2022 – 09/2022
Construction task:
Rising floor construction PODIUM

Our work on the ULMICUM - renovation Alte Physik in Rostock has been successfully completed after a construction period of approx. four weeks.

The 8-stage platform construction PODIUM was installed as a subcontractor service on behalf of KAEFER Construction Hamburg (location Rostock) in the listed building "Alte Physik" of the university campus in Rostock according to the contract. For this it was necessary to integrate the existing ventilation technology during planning and installation, so that now the rising floor construction is prepared for the installation of the restored lecture hall seating and for the floor covering work.

We are looking forward to handing over the completely finished hall to its use soon!