Pioneer in inclusion


goracon equips Frankfurt's Deutsche Bank Park with wheelchair spaces - The ESB Marketing Network reports

Frankfurt: Pioneer in inclusion

At Deutsche Bank Park, all wheelchair spaces will be equipped with the innovative system from the company goracon.
The conversion will start as early as the summer break in 2022.

After the 2006 World Cup, Germany will host the next major soccer event in just under two years: the UEFA European Championship in 2024. Even though no new stadium will be built for the European Championship, all ten venues are investing heavily to prepare for the future and to show themselves as the
perfect host.

The vision of the German bid is formulated in the UEFA evaluation report as follows:
The focus is specifically on taking soccer forward and setting new standards in respect, inclusion, accessibility and sustainability.

Thus, UEFA's requirements on inclusion are also high. Among other things, the number of wheelchair spaces has been significantly increased. To meet these requirements without reducing capacity elsewhere, the company goracon has developed a model that has been in use since
tested and further developed in Frankfurt's Deutsche Bank Park since 2019.

The conversion starts in the summer break

Currently, the planning is being finalized and the conversion measures are being prepared. Everyone involved is looking forward to the start of the conversion of all wheelchair spaces during the summer break. "The Frankfurt site is very well positioned with these measures, not only for the EM2024, but also for the future," said Clemens Schäfer, fan representative of Eintracht Frankfurt. "The capacity at Deutsche Bank Park will be conversion will significantly increase capacity, this will also provide space for additional accompanying persons without losing another seat," Schäfer continued.

The innovative system allows the capacity for wheelchair users and escorts to be increased by more than 50%. Depending on usage, the number can be increased even further, so people with
walking aids or rollators can also be better accommodated in the future. "Inclusion and comfort are improved and stadium operators remain completely flexible in terms of additional revenue," says Thomas Pfeifer, Sales Manager at goracon, explaining the other benefits.

Fulfillment of all requirements with full flexibility for stadium operators

"With this solution, we can meet the legal requirements and UEFA's requirements, and the operator remains absolutely flexible at the same time. If the wheelchair allotments are not requested, the seats can be
the seats go on free sale. Until now, this scenario was not possible. Thus, stadium operators have no (financial) risk from empty seats. "With Deutsche Bank Park, we are pleased to be the first stadium to be fully equipped with our system, setting international standards. We are in discussions with other stadium operators. We expect other stadiums to follow Deutsche Bank Park in the future," says Thomas Pfeifer, Sales Manager at goracon.