In the course of reconstruction of the listed parliament, not only the plenar hall shines in a new light due to a light cone that shines from the ceiling – even the complete interior gives a new shine. The challenge, to create modern seats for the representatives and also to improve their working conditions could be met, due to our innovative chair guiding system GSF.

Our high-quality chair guiding system GSF was integrated in the new floor construction of the plenar hall. Each representative is now sitting on a chair that is firmly fixed to the chair guiding rail, integrated in the floor, but still can be moved individually. The chair guiding rail allows the politicians their individual ergonomic seating position like on an usual office chair. When leaving the chair, it automatically rotates back to its initial position, so that an aesthetic overall picture is the result.

As the chair moves automatically back to the desk of the representative, it creates space for an escape route because the way is not blocked by chairs. Even in daily use, a great advantage is that general turmoil can be avoided when people leave the room, as there is no need to move the chairs back and forth anymore.

With the reconstruction of the parliament, optimal working conditions have been created. We wish all representatives successful debates for the well of the people.

Optimal working conditions for the deputies through the chair guiding system GSF

Optimal working conditions for the deputies through the chair guiding system GSF

  • Logo of the Landtages Suttgart
  • Plenar hall, Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
  • chair guiding system
  • Reconstruction
  • Monument protection
  • 11/2015 – 03/2016

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